Infrared Camera Warehouse, or ‘Infracam’, was established in July 2015 to allow professional security integrators, security agencies, gamekeepers and leisure & outdoor enthusiasts the greatest choice of infrared thermal cameras and related accessories available on the market at competitive prices. Our range of products covers portable infrared thermal cameras, trail & surveillance cameras and emergency equipment, such as locator beacons and chemical light sticks.

We do not sell cooled thermal imaging cameras that have predominantly military applications and are subject to restrictions and export licence. Our range is generally restricted to uncooled cameras which are considerably less expensive whilst still highly effective. The company also distributes SPYPOINT cameras; these are capable of operating in daylight or total darkness and have a multitude of uses that include: estate management, anti poaching, wildlife monitoring, gamekeeping and other security applications.

Our small but professional group of staff gained their practical experience with some of the most advanced technology companies operating in the military and satellite fields. All the products on this website have undergone stringent testing under the harshest of conditions and we are constantly reviewing our portfolio.

It’s important to understand the benefits of infrared thermal imaging as there are so many applications. Therefore if you are in any doubt, please contact us describing the intended use and we will direct you towards the right cameras that will meet your requirements.

Through the expertise of our parent company, ID Dynamics, we can also act as consultants and give professional advice to individuals and groups currently operating in high-risk locations. ID Dynamics specialise in providing bespoke solutions which may be a combination of fixed infrared and CCTV cameras for high value residences or a custom-made infrared system for a vehicle.

Our industry partners include FLIR Systems & PERGAM-SUISSE AG.

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