Education With SpyPoint

Animals in the wild are often elusive. Some species may tend to avoid contact with humans or become more active during the nighttime. Without an effective means to monitor wild animals in their natural environment, we risk not learning valuable information about the different species.

For whilst zoos and animal parks place animals in a controlled environment, to discover more about the unique habits of a species, one must have the capability to monitor them in the wild. This would be particularly useful for teachers wishing to educate their students about an area’s biodiversity, academics conducting research on a specific species, and even parents who would just like to inform their families about the local wildlife.

To allow teachers, academics and parents the opportunity to achieve their educational goals, a small yet powerful recording device that has the ability to monitor animals during the day and night would be ideal. We at Infrared Camera Warehouse are delighted to be able to stock the very discreet ‘SpyPoint‘ range of trail & surveillance cameras (see right).

How do SpyPoint cameras help?

SpyPoint cameras operate via movement sensors, after which they can take video and sound recordings or fixed images in both daylight and darkness that may be viewed remotely on a laptop or smartphone (model dependent). They have been primarily used in North America for animal monitoring in the wilderness and we believe that they could be also used for this purpose in an educational capacity within the United Kingdom.

Below we shall illustrate how SpyPoint cameras can be used to capture a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat.


Deer in the United Kingdom, whilst common, are notoriously shy animals that will almost certainly run if they sense danger. However, we at Infrared Camera Warehouse have had remarkable success capturing close range picture and video with our SpyPoint cameras. Thanks to SpyPoint, it is now totally possible to monitor these animals day and night.


Badgers are nocturnal, and this means that locating them is a difficult enough task let alone capturing an image! We were able to take these fantastic pictures and video of two badgers gathering hay by setting up our SpyPoint camera just opposite their den.

Other Animals

Despite setting out to primarily capture the above animals in their natural environment, you never really know what you might find with a SpyPoint camera! From pheasants to foxes, there’s always a surprise.

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