Estate Management

estate management thermal infrared

The scale and remoteness of certain estates and residences can unfortunately make them susceptible to a range of crimes that may include theft, vandalism and poaching. Whilst it is possible to install a system capable of monitoring the surrounding area, they are often costly and lack the flexibility to change with developing circumstances. This is not ideal for estate management. We seek to offer alternative options so that one can effectively manage their estate. The infrared products we stock are powerful yet comparatively inexpensive so that one can protect their property regardless of size or budget.

How do Thermal Infrared and SpyPoint cameras help?

An infrared camera can be used to observe ones immediate surrounding in poor visibility or at the dead of night. So that whether the user is monitoring property for protective reasons or observing deer, they will be able to do so discretely whatever the conditions may be.

SpyPoint cameras operate via movement sensors, after which they can take video and sound recordings or fixed images in both daylight and darkness that may be viewed immediately on a laptop or smartphone (model dependent). Although they have been primarily used in North America for hunting and animal tracking, they really come into their own in the UK for monitoring wildlife and protecting rural buildings, such as farms, game pens, dog kennels and machinery yards.

Recommended Equipment

Infrared Thermal Cameras

Man Sized Detection
351 meters
Man Sized Detection
400 meters
Man Sized Detection
575 meters
Man Sized Detection
Man Sized Detection
1140 meters
Man Sized Detection