Hiking and Mountaineering

When weather conditions are good, very few of us would possibly believe that moors, fells and peaks present any real personal danger. Their natural beauty, colour and resident wildlife throughout the seasons is a magnificent sight. Every year around the world, thousands of ramblers, fell walkers and mountain climbers go out to explore and enjoy this ever-changing environment.

However, every day is different and the weather can change from clear visibility and warm sunshine one moment to zero visibility with driving rain the next. When this does occur, it causes a range of problems for the unprepared: Visitors may be improperly dressed and suffer from medical conditions of which they have no previous knowledge, paths become icy, streams flooded and the normally familiar scenery may become completely unrecognisable. Mountaineers, climbers, ramblers or walkers may become lost, stranded, or injured with darkness imminent – a long way from help!

How do Thermal Infrared Cameras and Personal Location Beacons Help?

An infrared camera can help you see in both poor visibility and total darkness. This will give you a clear view of your surroundings and see rescue teams who may be close to you. It also allows you to locate footpaths that will lead you to safety.

A personal Location Beacon should be only used as a last resort if you believe there is a serious risk to human life. Once activated, they will alert a 24hr control center of your physical location to within a few square meters so that the emergency rescue services can be quickly directed to your location.

Recommended Equipment

Infrared Thermal Cameras

Man Sized Detection
320 meters
Man Sized Detection
400 meters
Man Sized Detection
502 meters
Man Sized Detection
570 meters
Man Sized Detection
1120 meters

Personal Locator Beacon

ACR ResQLink Personal Locator Beacon (Buoyant Version Available)

Safety Lights

• Guardian™ Expedition visual identification beacon/flashlight (white or yellow)

Chemical Light Sticks

• Selection of 6” (15.2cm) Illumiglow Chemical Light Sticks (red, white, orange, blue, green or yellow) which remain illuminated for up to 12 hours. Our sticks are NATO serialized and provide 360° of safe illumination.