Infrared Imaging for Deer Management

Deer Management with Infrared

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Following on from a recent guest piece that I wrote for the online deer stalkers magazine, County Deer Stalking, regarding Deer Management (which you can find here). We at the Infrared Camera Warehouse thought it might be a good idea to expand slightly on some of the points raised in the article. Or more specifically, just why infrared thermal imaging cameras are an effective tool for Deer Management. Through the ability of a infrared camera to see varying degrees of heat, the keen deer stalker will not only be able to locate deer, but also track the blood spatter if a ‘clean kill’ has not been immediately achieved.

Locating Deer

Deer (especially in the dark winter months) are difficult animals to spot. Their dull coats do little to make them standout from their surroundings and renders deer practically invisible given the conditions are right. This is an issue even for the most experienced stalker, and begs the question ‘how can one locate an animal that cannot be seen?’

With an infrared camera a deer stalker will be able to remove all the uncertainty from their hunt. By scanning varying heat levels in the field of view, the user will be able to plainly detect all animals present and even see their outline. Therefore allowing a keen deer stalker to quickly and accurately identify their target, regardless of visibility.

A deer camouflaged against its surroundings
A deer seen through infrared

As you can see from the images above (courtesy of Country Deer Stalking), an infrared camera is able to immediately pinpoint a deer in challenging conditions. The high-level of body heat it emits makes the target obviously stand out from its much cooler surroundings. These images were taken using a FLIR infrared thermal imager. For more information about FLIR infrared imagers, please see our product page.

Follow the Blood

Not every shot is a success. Range, environmental conditions and a whole host of other factors may affect a stalker’s shot and cause the animal to be simply wounded. To further complicate matters, after being hit a deer can quickly flee in any direction. This deer must be located so that it may be dispatched both quickly and humanely (crucial to maintaining ‘Best Practice Guidelines’ for Deer Management). Luckily, infrared thermal imaging cameras provide an ideal solution.

Blood trail left behind by a deer

Through being able to identify different heat variations, an infrared camera may also help a deer stalker follow the blood trail left behind  by a wounded animal. The warm blood of a deer when viewed through an infrared camera can be seen quite clearly in comparison to its much cooler surroundings. So whilst an infrared camera must be used relatively quickly (before the blood turns cold), the user will be able to effectively follow the blood trail right to the target.

Infrared – Perfect for Deer Management

We hope that this extended version of our guest article has given you a good insight into how useful infrared thermal imaging cameras can be for Deer Management. For due to their increased affordability and power, they should no longer be seen as an expensive luxury, but an essential tool for the discerning deer stalker.

Here at the Infrared Camera Warehouse we sell a number of infrared cameras that are ideal for the task. Our FLIR range are especially popular, and we retail products that will allow you to view a target anywhere from 320 metres right up to 1500 metres. See our FLIR range here. Also, don’t forget to visit Country Deer Stalking for all your deer stalking news.

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