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Guide IR510-384 Sale

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From today until the end of September 2015 we will be having a sale on the Guide Infrared IR510-384 infrared thermal camera! Reduced from £2,119.95 to just £1,994.05, we are now selling this camera at close to £200 cheaper than our nearest UK competitor.

About The Camera

The Guide IR510-384 is a compact yet powerful thermal imaging monocular. It has a 400-meter man-sized detection range, 2x/4x digital zoom and 50Hz image refresh rate. With only four buttons (each allocated only one function – power, brightness, mode & zoom), the IR510-384 is simple to use day or night. A tap of the power button puts the unit in to standby mode and pressing any button ‘wakes’ the device virtually instantaneously. The IR510-384 also has 5 operating modes (Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot 1, Red Hot 2 and Red Hot 3) for added utility and 8 hours of battery life.


Regardless of whether the target is a person, animal or vehicle, the impressive range and digital zoom of the Guide IR510-384 enables you to monitor objects from a safe distance. The 50Hz refresh rate also ensures that there is zero image lag when tracking moving targets or operating the device from a vehicle. Immensely useful for those using their camera on the move.

From estate management and maritime observation to law enforcement, the Guide IR510-384 is truly a versatile infrared thermal camera.


The Guide IR510-384 has a 3 Year manufacturer’s warranty and comes with a full array of accessories. Please visit the product page for more details!

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