FLIR Scout II Series

FLIR Scout II Series Review

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FLIR Systems, the world’s largest designer and producer of infrared thermal imaging cameras, components and sensors, have recently released the FLIR Scout II series of infrared thermal cameras. Aimed at the hunting & outdoor enthusiast, the Scout II series is intended as a replacement for the ageing Scout TS-Series. This new range consists of two models, the Scout II 240 & Scout II 320.

The Scout II Series

At first glance, the FLIR Scout II 240 & 320 are remarkably similar devices. With a 5 hour battery life, 640×480 LCD display, an IP-67 rating and Black Hot/White Hot/InstAlert™ image polarity (see below images), the cameras share numerous power, system, and user interface specifications. Weighing in at just 340g and having dimensions of 6.70″ x 2.31″x 2.44″ they are also physically identical.

What are the differences between these devices?

The answer to this question lies in the model’s varying man-sized detection range ability, field of view (FOV) and zoom capability. For whilst the Scout II 240 has a 13mm fixed focus lens that allows for a 350m man-sized detection range, the 320’s 19mm lens enables a user to see a man-sized target up to 502m in complete darkness. These different lenses also naturally affect the cameras effective field of view. When combined with a 13mm lens, the 240’s FOV translates to a 24° x 18° FOV. The 320’s 19mm lens, on the other hand, provides a 17° x 13° FOV. Lastly, the 320 also has a 2x digital zoom compared to the 240’s simple freeze frame function.

Which camera is better?

It very much depends on the requirement. While the Scout II 240 is not quite as powerful as the 320, its superior field of view means that it will give the user broader situational awareness and enable them to scan the surrounding area more efficiently at close range. Meanwhile the 320, because of its increased range and 2x digital zoom, would permit the monitoring of a target at longer ranges with more clarity. Although the reduced FOV, in theory, slightly impairs the users overall situational awareness.

All in all, both the Scout II 240 & 320 are amazingly powerful for their compact size and successfully improve on the Scout TS-Series, their bulkier and less adaptable predecessor. The development of the Scout II series will surely only enhance FLIR’s reputation as the world’s predominant manufacturer of infrared thermal cameras.

Further Information

We at Infrared Camera Warehouse are proud to stock a range of FLIR devices and have recently added the FLIR Scout II series!

Also for sale is a modified version of the FLIR Scout II 320, the Scout II Pro 35mm. This camera includes an added 35mm lens that considerably boosts the man-sized detection range to 1120m whilst still retaining the portable and compact nature seen across the FLIR Scout II range.

Information on all Scout II devices may be found on the product page.

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