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New 2015 SpyPoint Range

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SpyPoint, by GG Telecom, have followed on from the success of their previous camera ranges by releasing new products for 2015. This goes a long way to cementing their place as one of the top manufacturers of portable trail & surveillance cameras in the world.

Advancements made by GG Telecom have meant that their SpyPoint trail & surveillance cameras are now increasingly affordable, yet maintain the high quality that the company is known for. Whilst the previous BF and Hawk models are being phased out, the new range of Iron, Force and Smart cameras are beginning to look like more than adequate replacements.

The Force Range

The SpyPoint Force range is ultra compact and replaces the BF-10 and 12. Despite the cameras being a similar size to a CD-ROM, both models feature 11-12 megapixel cameras, 42 invisible LEDs (for enhanced night vision) and full HD video recording with sound. Making them a discrete yet powerful option for just about any activity where a trail & surveillance camera is required.

The Iron Range

The SpyPoint Iron cameras are meant to succeed the lower end of the BF range that had previously been occupied by the BF-6, 7 and 8. However, even the Iron-9, the lowest specification model within this range, has a 9 megapixel camera, 35 invisible LEDs, fast trigger speed and a 480p video with sound. The Iron-10 is an even higher specification and both cameras are reliable and easy to use.

The Smart Range

Finally, the SpyPoint Smart (Smart and Smart Pro) range replaces the Hawk model. Whilst the Hawk was already an advanced camera, the Smart Pro retains all of the Hawk’s advanced features but adds I.T.T (Intelligent Triggering Technology) and a number of presets for fast startup. The Smart also has I.T.T but, with a 10 megapixel camera, 36 invisible LEDs and 480p video, has a slightly reduced overall specification.


The SpyPoint Iron, Force and Smart ranges are sure to be popular additions within the portable camera market for the foreseeable future. Their use is, however, not only confined to hunting purposes. We at Infrared Camera Warehouse believe they are equally effective for estate management, wildlife observation and educational purposes.

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