FLIR One Infrared Camera

FLIR One Infrared Camera Released

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Once solely the preserve of military circles, advances made in the development of infrared technology has meant that it is now more accessible than ever to the general public. FLIR Systems, after the success of the first FLIR One infrared camera, have subsequently designed the second generation FLIR One that is an even more efficient infrared imager.

In a nutshell, the FLIR One infrared camera is an attachable device designed to be used in conjunction with an iPhone, iPad, Android or tablet to provide the user with infrared imaging capability. Infrared energy typically exists on a different part of the electromagnetic spectrum, one the eye simply cannot see. However, through expanding the visible spectrum, an infrared cameras such as the FLIR One allow the user to view the infrared radiation (heat) emitting naturally from the world around us. A picture is then formed based solely on these heat signatures.

FLIR One Specifications

Whilst the first generation FLIR One infrared camera was only available for the iPhone 5 & 5S and came with a two-piece case, the next-gen model is comprised of a small module that simply clips directly to an iOS device’s Lightening port or an Android device’s Micro USB port.

The FLIR One Infrared Camera.

The FLIR One is minuscule. The dimensions are just 72 mm x 26 mm x 18 mm and it weighs only 2.75 ounces (a third as much as the previous model). However, despite a slight build it is actually very powerful. Internally the FLIR One has been significantly improved to provide enhanced infrared images. The camera’s overall resolution has been increased from 80×60 to 160×120 and it can now also detect a wider range of temperatures (ranging from -20 to 120 degrees Celsius). The FLIR One infrared camera also comes equipped with a VGA ‘standard camera’ that provides physical detail to images captured with the Lepton camera, this process is known as ‘MSX Blending’ (see the illustration below).

Illustration of MSX Blending.

FLIR One Applications

The FLIR One infrared camera can be employed for a variety of different applications both in the home and outdoors. Its ability to detect problems such as water leaks, overloaded circuits and energy inefficiencies is unparalleled. By simply monitoring suspect areas of the household, the FLIR One has the potential to save the homeowner hundreds of pounds in repair fees or even avert a serious accident. It may also be used when hiking & camping to monitor wildlife in the darkness and ensure that any fire started is absolutely extinguished.

Viewing smoke with the FLIR One.
Household uses with the FLIR One.

The relatively low cost of iOS & Android attachable infrared devices, such as the FLIR One, is steadily exposing new users and industries to infrared imaging. Even builders and technicians may now purchase an infrared camera for serval hundred pounds whereas before the technology might of cost thousands. Affordable cameras are not only driving overall growth in the infrared market, but manufacturing advancements also help to reduce the cost of devices traditionally used for surveillance & thermography that constitute 50% of the total market share.

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