Illumiglow 6" Red Light Sticks
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Illumiglow 6" Red Light Sticks

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Illumiglow’s 6″ Safety Light Stick gives 360° of highly usable, safe and dependable illumination. The 6″ Light Sticks are completely weatherproof, non flammable and non toxic.

They can be quickly attached to Mollé equipment and other loops thanks to the gated hook. A colour coded bottom also ensures easy type identification once removed from foils.

This pack contains 4×6″ Red Light Sticks, 3×12 hours and 1×30 minutes.

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Product Description

Ideal for use in cold weather or when gloves need to be worn. The 6″ Light Stick is without doubt Illumiglow’s most popular product and has a vast number of uses. Its popularity is mainly due to its size making it easy to carry and conceal.

Illumiglow Light Stick packs sold by Infrared Camera Warehouse include: Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, White, Red and a Coloured Multi-Pack.

This pack contains 4×6″ Red Light Sticks, 3×12 hours and 1×30 minutes.

Unique Features

The Illumiglow design includes two unique features; a gated hook for quick and easy application to loops/hooks/Mollé equipment and colour coded bottoms which makes for quicker colour identification when light sticks have been removed from their foils.

Waterproof & Safe

All Illumiglow Light Sticks are foil wrapped for protection against both moisture and unwanted light access. Each foil contains 1 light stick. Illumiglow’s Light Stick’s omit no spark, heat or flame, are completely maintenance free, non-toxic, non-flammable, and waterproof.

Container Type Colour Printed Foil
Item Size 45x237x15mm
Item Weight 24g
Contents 6″ Red Light Stick


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