Infrared Imaging for Deer Management

Deer Management with Infrared

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Maritime Security, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, the list of potential uses for Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras is extensive. Deer Management may not be the most obvious application but, due to their growing accessibility, infrared cameras are now being widely used by deer stalkers who seek an efficient way to locate and track deer.

A Nigerian Man Committing Oil Theft

Nigeria to Curb Oil Theft with UAVs

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Oil theft within Nigeria has long been a major issue. In a bit to halt the theft of crude and illegally refined oil, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is to deploy UAVs equipped with infrared cameras. It is hoped that footage received from UAVs will make it easier to locate and prosecute offenders.

Infrared Equipped UAVs Monitor Wildfires

Infrared Equipped UAVs Monitor Wildfires

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The driest spring in 100 years has left Washington State at the mercy of devastating wildfires. To combat these blazes, the U.S. Department of the Interior is trialling UAVs equipped with infrared cameras. Thanks to infrared, officials can now learn much more about the ‘Paradise fire’ blaze currently raging within Olympic National Park.

PKK Seeks To Disrupt Turkish Energy Security

Turkey Moves to Protect Energy Security

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Turkey is a major importer of oil & gas as well as an emerging energy transit hub for Western Europe. In order to prevent their energy security being undermined by the Kurdistan Workers Party, Turkish forces are now using fixed infrared cameras and mounted patrols to monitor key pipelines.

Hungary Uses Infrared To Track Migrants

Hungary Uses Infrared to Track Migrants

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As conflict, famine and poverty have led to an influx of migrants and refugees entering the European Union, member states are now employing more advanced methods to secure their borders. The use of infrared (or thermal) cameras by law enforcement officials being one such approach.

New Retail Website - Infrared Camera Warehouse

New Retail Website

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We at Infrared Camera Warehouse are delighted to announce the launch of our new retail website,! Our primary aim is to allow professional security integrators, security agencies, gamekeepers and wildlife & outdoor enthusiasts the greatest choice of infrared thermal cameras available in the United Kingdom at competitive prices.